Animals of Alaska
and the Pacific Northwest

Field Guides, Journals, and Coloring Books
for Children and Families

by Barbara L. Brovelli-Moon

Land Mammals of Alaska

Marine Mammals of Alaska

Pacific Northwest Marine Mammals

Land Birds of Alaska

Water Birds of Alaska

   The I Saw It! Series is a NEW and creative way for children and families to learn about the wildlife of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.

 Hi. I’m Mortimer Moose, one of the animals in the Mammals of Alaska field guide. I tell you all about myself in this amazing book, including accurate facts as well as little known information. Did you know I’m a great swimmer, but I don’t dive? Do you know what a dewlap is? Well, I have one! If you see me, there is space on my story page for you to write your story about seeing me. There’s even a real-life drawing of me in my natural habitat for you to color! Mammals, birds . . . all of us have our own story page and drawing in these amazing books. These are must-have resources for your whole family!

Human Barbara L. Brovelli-Moon
is the author of this unique series.
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The footprints of Nature are everywhere. Look and see!